About Me

My great love is writing, and I concentrate mostly on historical and fantasy erotic romances. Only once so far have I ventured into the realms of the present, because I find the past, and the places I can created with my imagination, far more fascinating than the world which I inhabit.

I have a partner and a family and, over time, they have adjusted to my eccentricities and my obsession with writing. My children often point out to me that I am very different from their friends’ mother and they appear to be happy about it, thank goodness.

I am an avid consumer of all types of fiction and non-fiction but most of all I read because I love to be transported into different worlds far removed from my own. Now, as a writer, I want to do the same for my readers. As far as writing erotic romance goes, I do so because in the past I used to become very frustrated when the action stopped at the bedroom door and the book never ventured beyond it, or if it did it summed up the passionate sexual encounter in a few brief words. People have now become more broad-minded and want to be entertained by a good book with well rounded characters and an interesting plot, topped off with passionately written, titillating sex scenes.

My ideas come from a plethora of different place. It might be from somewhere I’ve visited; for instance Barbarian Prize was conceived after a couple of visits to Pompeii. Or alternatively, from something I have read or a movie I have seen, however, often they just pop into my head and I don’t know where they have come from.  When I write it is almost as if I am seeing my own special movie in my head and often my characters take on a life of their own. Because of that, in the future, I will be revisiting some of them and continuing on their respective stories. So, if you have enjoyed what I have written so far, then you might soon learn more about your favourite character in my next book.

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