Savage Surrender

In the kingdom of Harn a marriage is arranged between Rianna – the beautiful daughter of the warrior woman Kitara – and Lord Sarin, ruler of the rival kingdom of Percheron. Rianna has inherited her mother’s rebellious spirit and begs her father she be spared from this marriage as Sarin is notorious for his voracious sexual appetite.

Her pleas are ignored and Rianna is taken on the epic journey to Percheron. En route, she meets Tarn, a young nobleman who has been captured by Sarin’s brutal guards for attempting a rebellion. Their desire for each other is instant and overwhelming. Rianna is only too keen to submit to Tarn’s seductive charms.

On arrival in Percheron, however, she finds that Sarin’s world is one of orgiastic indulgence and he plans to use both Tarn and Rianna as his pleasure slaves. Can she find a way to save Tarn without causing unrest between the kingdoms?

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