Excerpt from Doctor’s Orders

Inamoratia – an elegant, very expensive restaurant close to the Tower of London was crowded as usual. There were a number of major celebrities among the regular clientele, and the owners prided themselves on the fact that their diners could enjoy themselves in peace. The restaurant had strict rules; fans, or admirers of any kind, who troubled the personalities, were always asked swiftly and politely to leave.

It had been three days since Helen had discovered that St Matthew’s was closing, and a lot had happened in that short length of time. She and Max had some final matters to discuss and here she knew that they would be able to enjoy each others company undisturbed.

Helen had chosen to wear a scrap of designer black satin that she knew had cost Max an obscene amount of money. The short, bias-cut dress, had a low neckline and was held up by thin shoestring straps. It had been Max’s birthday present to her. The dress was cut so low at the back it was impossible to wear a bra, but Helen was lucky, despite that fact that her breasts were large and full, they were still as firm and uptilted as they had been in her teens. Also, at Max’s behest, she’d left off her panties.

When she walked into the restaurant, Helen felt bold and blatantly sexual. The soft satin caressed her erect nipples, brushing sensuously against her belly and sex as she moved. The skimpy garment was short, a good eight inches above her knees, and it flared out at the hem. She felt even more excited and apprehensive knowing that one indiscreet movement would bare the blonde curls of her pubis to public gaze.

Max was already seated at their usual table, and Helen moved to join him, oblivious of the admiring glances from a number of the other male diners. Helen was twenty-nine years old, and not only was she extremely clever, she was also beautiful – tall and elegant, with delicate features, grey-blue eyes and hair the colour of spun gold.

I’ve already ordered,’ Max said as she sat down beside him at the small round table.

I’m not very hungry,’ she replied, picking up her glass of red wine.

Still upset about the hospital closing, and me moving to the States?’

Max had told her all his plans the evening she had discovered the hospital was closing. He, along with a small group of financial backers, was planning to open up a string of plastic surgery clinics all across America.

Everything’s happened so quickly.’ She still couldn’t help resenting the fact that he’d not confided in her as fully as he could. As far as she had known the US business venture was still only in the early planning stages. Now she’d discovered it was almost complete.

I understand how you feel.’ Max smiled reassuringly as he put his hand on her knee under the cover of the tablecloth. He slid it slowly upwards past the lacy tops of her hold-up stockings. His blue eyes darkened with desire as, from then on, he encountered nothing but bare flesh. ‘You did as I asked,’ he whispered huskily.

Does that turn you on?’ she smiled seductively, feeling empowered by the expression Max’s face. ‘Knowing that I’m naked under this dress.’

More than you know,’ he growled, ceasing his exploration and letting his hand rest on the upper part of her bare thigh. ‘I’m going to miss you like crazy.’

Me too.’ She would miss the great sex if nothing else, although Max could be a selfish bastard and was sometimes more concerned with his own pleasure than hers.

You could join me sooner if you wouldn’t insist on being so independent.’

I won’t let you keep me, Max, even for a few months. I’ll come as soon as I can get a green card, and authority to practice medicine in the States.’

In the meantime, Max had offered Helen a senior registrar’s job at the Princess Beatrice Clinic; an exclusive private hospital that was owned by him and his American financial partners. Helen would have preferred to follow her NHS patients who were transferring to the King’s Cross Hospital, but the plastic surgery clinic there was already fully staffed. In the normal course of events Helen would never have accepted a job at a private hospital, but they had offered almost double her current salary. The fact that her outgoings substantially exceeded her incomings at present, had more or less forced her to agree to the very generous short term contract.

How will I ever manage without this?’ he purred, his hand moving higher again, his fingers pulling teasingly at her blonde pubic curls.

Perhaps you’ll find someone else?’ she said lightly, opening her slim thighs, wanting his searching fingers to slide between her pussy lips. There was something highly titillating about knowing that Max intended to frig her in front of all these people.

No-one else pleases me like you do, Helen.’ Max leant closer and whispered in her ear, ‘This hot little pussy is all mine, never forget that.’

Helen gave a soft sigh, her eyes glazing over, the sounds of the other diners receding, as Max’s tantalising fingers began their slow sensual exploration. However, her pleasure was interrupted by the unexpected sound of a male voice. ‘Max – I never thought I’d see you here!’

The deep voice, with its strong mid-Atlantic undertones, made the hairs on the back of Helen’s neck prickle.

Duncan!’ Max smiled warmly at the man. ‘What brings you back to England?’ he asked, ceasing the subtle movements of his fingers, but letting his left hand remain where it was, lightly cupping her sex. He seemed casual in his greeting, making no attempt to stand, or shake hands, as he normally would when coming across an old acquaintance.

Helen couldn’t fail to recognise the famous movie star, Duncan Paul. During her teenage years, Helen had been mad about Duncan, had a crush to end all crushes on him. He hadn’t been quite so well known then; it was at the beginning of his career, when he had been starring in an action, adventure TV series. Tall and muscular, with black hair and dark brown eyes, Duncan was even more devastatingly handsome in the flesh.

Mind if I join you for a moment?’ Not waiting a reply, Duncan pulled up an extra chair and sat down at their table. ‘I’m filming here during the coming months. I’m Executive Producer on this one, so I’m heavily into pre-production work.’ Duncan’s deep voice caressed Helen’s senses. Goosepimples formed on her skin and her stomach tightened, just as Max’s fingers closed possessively over her naked sex.

There was barely room for an extra person at the small table, and Duncan’s presence proved quite overwhelming for an already highly aroused Helen. Duncan was undeniably sexy, and the close proximity of the two men, coupled with the feel of Max’s hand on her crotch, made her feel incredibly horny. Her breasts swelled and her nipples stiffened even more, until the aching peaks lewdly distended the thin satin of her dress.

Helen.’ Max glanced over at her. ‘This is my cousin, Duncan Paul. Duncan, may I introduce Dr Helen Dawson.’

Helen smiled, surprised that Max had never bothered to tell her he was related to such a famous movie star.

You’ve been keeping this one very quite, Max.’ Duncan looked admiringly at Helen as he lifted her hand to his lips. ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you, fair lady.’

Lust crawled slowly over her skin, and she shivered slightly. ‘I’m an admirer of your work, Duncan,’ Helen managed to say in a husky voice, although it was difficult to sound composed with Max teasing and tantalising her senses, while she was so close to Duncan she could smell the musky maleness emanating from his body.

Helen’s senses were so inflamed, so on edge, she felt as if she were floating and about to climax at any moment. Taking hold of her wineglass, she tightly gripped the stem, fighting to retain control of herself. Agitatedly she glanced over at Max, who had a calm unconcerned expression on his face, which belied what he was doing to her under the cover of the tablecloth.

Helen’s a great fan it seems,’ Max said. ‘Judging by the effect you’re having on her, Duncan. I’ve never seen her so overwhelmed.’ As he spoke he pressed his thumb down hard on her throbbing clitoris, and it took all the self control Helen had to remain still and stop herself from gasping aloud. Her thighs shook slightly, and beads of sweat formed on her brow, as Max doubled the assault on her senses.